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Welcome to the Morrowind Modding Wiki!

We are building this wiki to be the go to place for modders and mod users alike. To players new to both using mods, and to creating mods. To veteran players looking to expand their knowledge on creating and using mods.

Using Mods

Please visit our Beginners Guide page if you are completely new to using mods with Morrowind. If you have finished that guide, or you're already an experienced mod user, then visit our Tutorials and Guides page for more help.

For a list of mods, visit the Mods and Add-ons categories.

Creating Mods

Alternatively if you're looking for info and help on creating mods, then visit our Modding Tutorials and Guides page. There are guides for both beginners and veterans.

Over the years people have conducted interviews with modders. You can read the archived versions of these interviews here.


If you are interested in contributing to the wiki, then visit our Getting Started page and our Category:Stubs page for all pages that require expansion. All help is appreciated!